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The XHAND™ (Excavator Hand) is a novel multi-purpose excavating and screening attachment that incorporates the functions of an Excavator, Cat, Shovel-loader and Screener in one unit. It is Ideal for excavating companies involved in a wide variety work that want to see an improvement in operator/machine production, and increased job profitability. The XHand is recommended for companies involved in Soil Remediation, Resource road building & Resurfacing, Riparian repair, Land clearing & reclamation, Site excavations, Pipeline, Disaster relief efforts, Building demolitions or Gold prospecting.

The excavator hand, which is an extension of the excavator arm, changes the machines orientation. When using a bucket, an excavator is limited to excavating earth in a reverse direction. The XHand is equipped to excavate in both directions, forward and reverse, and at any time the value of soil or aggregate that's excavated can be transformed through screening.

The XHand can Doze forward and Shovel-load above grade. It has far greater loading capability by being able to grab full width, using two different sections of the attachment. It is able to load a "double handful" of non-aggregate material like brush. The multi-functions of the XHand all change-on-the-go, and the vibratory screening action is available anytime soil or aggregate is in the XHand. A wider variety of work opportunities are available by being able to offer excavating and screening services to customers, using just one machine equipped with an XHand.

XHand Capabilities

  • Excavating
  • Soil Remediation
  • Resource-Road Building & Resurfacing
  • Gravel Screening
  • Soil Screening
  • Rock Sorting & Screening
  • Land Clearing & Reclamation


  • Change Functions On-The-Go
  • 4 Ground Engaging Surfaces
  • 3 Independent Sections
  • 2 Self-Clean Screening Surfaces with Easy Change Screen Panels
  • Vibratory Screening Action
  • Load Through Capability
  • See Through Attachment
  • Double Handful - Full Width Grab Two Ways

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